Below you will find an overview of the ceremonies Pantra offers

Tantric Women Temple

A women’s circle in which touch and tenderness are central. Tantric (massage) exercises with sisters united.

Your needs as a woman, are the focus of this temple. Being physically naked is welcome, but certainly not a must. Being physically naked can be a very empowering way to expose yourself (literally) and to learn how to love your body, even the “difficult” parts.

Sometimes, it may also be necessary not to expose yourself for a moment, but to wrap yourself in blankets. This is all welcome!

For this Temple experience with tantra or massage is not needed. Madelief will guide you step by step and together with the group and the safe setting that is created together, we carry ourselves and each other.

Next Temple:
31st of October at Wajid Osho Meditatie Centrum, The Hague

Ecstatic Dance Ceremony

If you are interested in one, ore more, of our ceremonies, feel free to contact us!

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