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The Art of Making Love: Being Present | Pantra Goes Limburg

November 9 @ 6:30 pm 10:30 pm

~ The Art of Making Love: Being Present ~
A Tantric workshop by Pantra (Kjell Doggen & Madelief de Graaf)



The focus of this workshop is BEING PRESENT. When we are able to be present with attention, deep within our own core, in the now, we are able to experience love making in everything we do. Making Love is often known and referred to as a sexual activity, but this workshop invites you to experiencing love making in connection with yourself, (distant) connection with another, to a simple activity as walking, seeing, or random daily activities. Even doing the dishes could be an experience of Making Love.

During this evening, you will invite, activate and work with sensual energy. When we learn how to let life and sensual energy flow freely from within our core (2nd chakra), we open up the possibilities to experiencing a boost in creativity, having more focus and power to tie loose ends of projects, communicating deeper in an authentic way and opening up even deeper to our own desires, our own passions and experiences in physical and emotional contact with ourselves or another. To experience and enjoy life fully in all its aspects.

This workshop will contain bodywork, touch, dance, movement, meditation, music, massage and creation. You are the one responsible for your own boundaries, for opening up to being touched (both physically, mentally and energetically) by others. We will work with sensual energy, but we do not allow sexual activities during the workshop. Before we start the workshop, we will create a safe space within a circle existing out of all the participants of the workshop, to set clear intentions and respect each individual.

The evening will be presented and hosted by Chantal Hofman & Raymond van Heijkoop, whom have been inviting us to share our work in Limburg with such huge enthusiasm, that we felt we would love to be presented by them ♥.


Entrance fees have to be paid in cash upon arrival (PIN is possible in emergency situations + 15 cents). Because we want to keep our workshops accessible, also for people who are financially less served, we have the following ticket options:

* Budget ticket: € 22,- (this ticket is only cost-effective and intended for students, those on benefits or without paid work and starting freelancers)

* Regular ticket: € 30,- for those with a stable financial situation.

* Together Ticket: € 55,- if you bring a partner/friend/family member. this ticket gives you a € 5,- reduction per person on the regular ticket.

* Supporting ticket: € 38,- for those with a carefree financial situation. With this ticket you make it possible for us to offer budget tickets and you support us extra in sharing our experiences, knowledge and energy Do you feel like supporting us anyways? Please checkout our GoFundMe project to see how you could be of help ♥:

For this evening we make investments: travel expenses, renting the space, material costs and the preparation time. In addition, we guide these workshops based on love and trust in abundance. In this way we try to make the evening possible for everyone.


Time: Walk in from 6.30 pm, workshop starts at 7:00 pm and ends no later than 22.30 pm.
Date: Saturday, 9th of November
Location: Kloosterstraat 72, 6369 AE, Simpelveld


You can sign up for this workshop by sending an email to with the name of the workshop as subject and as message your name and the name of any partner or acquaintance you would like to take with you (feel free to bring anyone from the age of 18; family, friends, partners).

After your registration, we will put your name (or names) in the list of participants in the event. Up to 1 day in advance it is possible to unsubscribe. The workshop only takes place with a minimum of 14 participants due toe. group exercises. The workshop has a maximum participant number of 20 participants.

Tea and water are included in your entrance fee.


Kjell and Madelief together have initiated the co-creation platform Pantra, from which they internationally (until now only in Europe), facilitate multiple connective and tantric workshops and host men/women/soul circles. In addition, they lead ceremonies (Ecstatic Dance) and Kjell enjoys DJ-ing Ecstatic Dance music and he also practices Reiki healing. Madelief is an illustrator Liefwerk and as a Doula (MamaLeaf) deeply involved with women’s and bodywork and facilitates Womb Support Sessions.

Both have years of experience in coaching, supporting and supervising personal processes and are involved from a young age in their own personal and awareness development. From different holistic teachings they use their own forces, both bundled and separate, to provide safe spaces for others in their consciousness development. They often build on and contribute to conscious communities. Both have years of experience in coaching, supporting and guiding personal processes, both in Tantra and energetic work and Madelief specifically, in Art Therapy (a form of therapy in which the making of Art on paper and with the body is the focus).

To see more about Pantra please visit:

We are very much looking forward to meeting and greeting you during this beautiful evening ♥

Kjell & Madelief


Klooster Simpelveld

Kloosterstraat 72
Simpelveld, 6369 AE Netherlands
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