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Tantric Women Temple

October 31 @ 7:00 pm 10:30 pm

♥ Tantric Women Temple ♥


Dear beloved Woman,

I invite you to step in this ceremonial space with your sisters.
Into a Ceremony of honoring your own body on a deeper level and celebrate it’s story and beauty. A full evening of honoring, supporting and caring for your own body and for the women around you. Opening to the deep connection of sisterhood.

How? This evening I will be a guided journey through boundaries, consent, desires, connection, movement and tantric touch. Being in touch with ourselves and others in which every practice is a invitation to you, that you can answer with a (Hell) yes or a clear no ;).

Meeting each other raw and naked, both emotionally and physically, is invited in this Temple and safe space we create together.
Maybe you feel you need some extra layers?
maybe you feel it is time to show yourself stripped naked?
all is welcome.


For this day you don’t need to have any experience with tantra or massage. I will guide you step by step in the safe setting we create together. You don’t have to be the most happy or ”pretty” version of yourself, that we sometimes believe we have to be when we show ourselves to others, just come as you are; you are welcome woman .


Boundaries and your YES and your NO are the center from where we move through this evening. We will awaken and work with our sensual and sexual energy and (super) power but will not do any sexual acts in this temple.

You will be invited to only move and connect in a way that feels good for you.


MamaLeaf is the platform of women work and safe spaces I, Madelief, create for and with women; to be, transition, shed skins, connect, grow, unfold and descend.

I have been hosting women circles with full and new moon for the past 4 years, and I feel this is one of the most magical things I have experienced in this life. Besides that I host, together with my life partner Kjell, through our platform Pantra, true intimacy workshops and soul circles. I have a background in Art Therapy, I work as an illustrator (Liefwerk) and I also facilitate Womb Support Sessions.

Nowadays, I try to combine these powers more and more, so that the work I do becomes a mix of Ancient Rituals, Raw and Radical honesty, true Intimacy, Connection within Community and art expression.


– Location: the beautiful temple of the Wajid Osho Meditatie Centrum in The Hague.
– When: thursday, 31th of October 2019 (samhain/halloween special!)
– Time: You are welcome to walk in at 19.00 pm and we will start the ceremony at 19.30
It is important to create the safe space together, so make sure you arrive on location in time (problems on the journey to the location? Call me on: +31612486442)
– Language: This workshop will be hosted in Dutch or/and English


Do you feel a big YES?
In this intimate setting, there will be place for only 20 women, so make sure to connect with me in time ♥.
If you want to join this ceremony, send me an e-mail to:


Choose your investment ♥.

*This covers only the costs I make and is meant for everyone with low income and feels they can’t afford bigger investments at this moment.


* with this ticket, you support me and my projects and make it possible to grow, get new materials and create more of this magic. Do you feel like supporting me anyways? Please checkout my GoFundMe project to see how you could be of help ♥:

I feel it is deeply important to make ceremonies accessible for everyone. To create this ceremony I make investments for the space and materials and I invest a lot of my energy and teachings.
I made different ticket options available, so you can choose yourself what is possible for you to invest in this moment. If this is still a problem for you, please email me and see what magic we can create together.


– comfy clothes (maybe a little blanket or shawl for when you get cold or need some extra layers) .
– If you feel like; something for on our Altar
– If you feel like: something small to eat and share (like nuts, dates and chocolate. I will make sure there is tea and something nice and sweet but extra is always welcome.)

I am deeply looking forward to meet you all in this Ceremony of honoring our bodies ♥

With love,


MamaLeaf & Pantra


Wajid Osho Meditatie Centrum

Prins Hendrikplein 1
Den Haag, 2518 JA Netherlands
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