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Tantric Intimacy Weekend Intensive in South Portugal with Pantra

March 30 @ 9:45 am March 31 @ 6:00 pm

🔥🔥🔥TIWI In South PORTUGAL with PANTRA🔥🔥🔥

♥ Are you longing for more and deepening Intimacy in your life?♥

♥ Do you experience difficulties with allowing deep and real contact with others? With sharing and being ‘Raw’, Honest and ‘Open’ and expressing what you actually think and feel?♥

♥ Do you feel the wish to discover this with yourself within a safe setting and on a beautiful location in the South of Portugal, slowing down, sharing and going deeper with others?♥


During this Tantric Intimacy Weekend Intensive you will have two full days by yourself, a set and safe group of participants and the practices, to which you will be invited, to enter into deepening intimate experiences and to take a closer look at your way of experiencing Intimacy.

You will focus on forming a true connection with yourself, the other and the world around you as the foundation of intimacy. To be able to experience this healthy and safe foundation you will be invited to be ‘naked’. With being ‘naked’ we mean, being fully open and honest in your way of communicating, in expressing and following your wishes, desires and boundaries. How intimately close can you feel with someone, when they are fully open and honest towards you? How does it strengthen the connection with yourself, if you have a closer look at what is actually ‘true’ for you? Maybe you will discover old, acquired beliefs and habits that do not fit and serve you anymore?

Next to giving expression TO and communicating WHAT lives inside you, working and being in touch with your own body and that of another, is a great entrance to experiencing deep Intimacy. Have you ever been touched by someone else, with all the attention and tranquility, completely in line with your desires? How often do you touch yourself, or someone else with all your attention going even beyond your fingertips? What keeps you from experiencing this? You will be invited to give your body and that of others, the warm love and attention it is longing for. With the application of some the principles of The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin, you will learn how to communicate, HOW and WHERE you liked to be touched and WHERE and HOW you would like to touch someone else. This way, all our desires can be heard and all our boundaries will be heard and respected.

Together, at the start of the Weekend Intensive, we will set a safe ‘space setting’, in which you can undo yourself from your layers and masks and discover what is actually ‘real’ and ‘true’ for and to you. ‘Real’ and ‘true’ can be totally different for anyone in any moment, it is almost never constant. What you are going to make a ‘constant’, is that you continuously check-in with yourself and continue to communicate with your environment. Both in verbal language, as touch and other expressions. We will be working with Tantric meditation and dynamic Osho techniques, expressions (in image and sound), music, meditation/trance journeys, Wheel of Consent, authentic relating, dance, bodywork, massage and touch.

Overview; during this weekend you will be experiencing;

☼ Raw, honest and open communication (how to)
☼ Feeling and communicating your boundaries
☼ Tantric touch techniques based on the Wheel of Consent
☼ Expressing that what lives deep inside you
☼ Getting to know and working with your own shadows
☼ Releasing of ‘stuck’ emotions
☼ Becoming aware of old, none benefiting, habits and beliefs
☼ Discovering and expressing your desires and wishes
☼ Experiencing yourself as a ‘safe’ and healthy basis
☼ Exploring and experiencing deeper layers of Intimacy



09.45: Walk in/Arrival and check-in
10.00: Intensive session 1
13.00: Lunch break
14.15: Intensive session 2
17.30: End of day 1


08.45: Walk in
09.00: Intensive session 1
12.00: Lunch break
13.15: Intensive session 2
17.15: End of Weekend Intensive


~ FOR WHO? ~

This weekend is meant and accessible for anyone, from the age of 18 years old, that is open and willing to explore their way of experiencing Intimacy. Experience with Tantric practices is not necessary, but is also welcomed!

If this is all really new to you, or/and feels really exciting to you, we would love to get in touch with you to hear and talk about this. From our experiences, we know that taking the step to participate to our Intensive has often come with loads of fears and doubts. However, we welcome all that you feel and experience into this weekend, so your fears, doubts and shadows are welcomed too. Participating to our Intensive has been proven to be the most healing for those who experienced a lot of doubts and fears before registration and participating

Both singles and couples (romantic and/or friendship based), are welcome to participate in this Intensive. Some practices that will occur during this weekend are really best and well fitted to be experienced with your partner or with someone you feel closely connected to and safe with. However, we will ask couples to keep in mind that we will be doing many mixed practices in which you both will be invited to find your own way, separate from each other, with multiple different partners.


When working with a theme like Intimacy, boundaries and safety are coming first!Important to know is, that each and every practice we offer during the weekend will be an invitation. You decide if you want to participate in each practice. You do not have to, for which ever reason, do anything that does not feel in line/right for you. We will set a clear framework in terms of sexuality. During particular practices it is possible that sensual and/or sexual energies and feelings arise. We welcome these energies and feelings, but will ask you to honestly communicate about them. However, even though these energies and feelings are welcome during this weekend, we ask you to not act upon them physically (no touch focusing on/including genitals). Even during breaks and between the two days, we invite you to respond to this and opt for digesting of the processes within yourself, before you bring these experiences in contact with another, at a practical, sexual level. Of course, you are fully free if you would like to experiment with this after the Weekend Intensive. It could be a highly added value to your personal, intimate and sexual life. To hold the space ‘safe’ after we have set this together at the start of each day, we will receive support from one or two ‘space holders’. These ‘space holders’ will be people, whom we have worked with before and have a therapeutic background. They can support or receive you when triggers in your emotion(s) become too much and we, because we accompany the whole group, are not able to go into it completely in person.


Kjell Doggen and Madelief de Graaf, together have initiated the platform Pantra, from which they internationally (until now only in Europe), facilitate multiple connective and Tantric workshops and host men/women/soul circles. In addition, they lead ceremonies (Ecstatic Dance) and Kjell enjoys DJing Ecstatic Dance music and he also practices Reiki healing. Madelief is deeply involved with women’s and bodywork. Together, they often build on and contribute to conscious communities. Both have years of experience in coaching, supporting and guiding personal processes, both in Tantra and energetic work and Madelief specifically, in Art Therapy (a form of therapy in which the making of Art on paper and with the body is the focus).


Date & Location
Saturday 30th and Sunday the 31st of March, 2019.
Location: Monte Rosa – Alojamento Rural, Lagoa da Rosa cx. 9Y, Barão de São João, Algarves 8600-016 Portugal.

From Monte Rosa it takes about a 15 minute drive to the South coast and within 30 minutes you are at the West coast of the Algarves. At both coasts you will be able to find lovely, sandy beaches, cliffs and a beautiful green blue ocean greeting you.

Your Investment
We feel we want to keep this Weekend Intensive accessible for both people that have a higher income and for those with a lower income and for those coming from far or living nearby. Therefore, we offer the next options to you:

Budget Ticket: €120,- (If you, for any reason, have not more to spend, but feel you need to participate).
Regular Ticket: €150,-
Supporting Donation Ticket: Anything above €150,-. The Donation can be made at the start, or at the end of the weekend, according to what you feel is the appropriate value of this Intensive. With this you support us in sharing what we share, as conscious as possible.

We feel this is an accessible exchange for the participants. We are well aware that we could easily set higher prices for the work we do, but doing so would be beyond our mission, which is sharing what we have to share, while maintaining our own lives, as accessible as possible to support personal and conscious growth.

If you do not live nearby our Weekend Intensive location, or if you feel like spending time in a really nice, quiet and natural area away from the city, it is possible to accommodate at Monte Rosa. It’s also possible to arrive earlier than the 30th and leave later than the 31st if you would like to enjoy the area. The following options are possible:

1. Single person room with own bathroom: €50,- per night
2. Shared room with shared bathroom: €30,- per person, per night.
3. Single person basic wooden cabin, with outside bathroom: €30,- per night
4. Shared (2 persons) basic wooden cabin, with outside bathroom: €45,- per night

Are you open to sharing a room or a cabin with someone else? Please, state this as option in your contact. Please contact Marieke Boerlage from Monte Rosa, with your request via: Please, use “TIWI Portugal Accommodation & Food” as subject line.

If you do not enjoy the options that are offered above, you can always arrange your own accommodation in the area of near village Barão de São João, or the little town Lagos (9km drive).

Monte Rosa offers freshly made Vegan meals during this weekend. You can also choose to bring your own food. The village of Barão de São João is only a 2km drive away and has one little village supermarket and some nice local restaurants (among of them organic and vegan restaurant and shop: Kultivarte) and bars. Lagos is about 9km driving and has a lot of restaurants and supermarkets that you could visit. We will have enough tea, water and fruits available during the weekend. Cake/banana bread available on donation.

Monte Rosa offers:

Breakfast: €10,-
Packed Lunch: €6,- (which you can compose yourself during the breakfast)
Lunch: €8,-
Dinner: €15,-

To Bring With You
– A towel and a blanket or sarong that you could use to cover yourself during massages
– A little notebook and pen
– Comfortable, loose clothing, in which moving feels relaxed and comfortable
– Warm socks (shoes are not allowed in the Roundhouse)
– If you feel like bringing an object to complement the Altar, you are invited to do so
– Your breakfast & lunch if you are not taking meals from Monte Rosa
– Your personal sleeping equipment you will need to stay over for the nights
– Cash money to complete your participant fee payment. Bring some extra money in case you want to donate us, eat some cake or banana bread, or buy something from the local area (most places in Barão de São João do not accept card payments)


You can registrate/sign up for your participation to this Tantric Weekend Intensive in Portugal by clicking on the ticket link here and below in event details. You will be linked to a registration form which you need to fill in completely. After filling in the form, you have to transfer your starting fee of €75,- to finalize your registration to the event. After having received your starting fee, we will send you an e-mail to confirm your registration and your name will be placed on the participant list in this event.

At arrival on location, before the start of the Weekend Intensive, you will complete your participant fee by paying the remaining amount of your ticket in cash to Pantra. We have 18 spots available for this Weekend Intensive. This creates space for a nice, stimulating group process and at the same time keeps it intimate and spacious. We need at least 10 people to have the event take place, so when you have decided to participate, please invite someone you know and who could really enjoy and use this personal investigation as well! With less than 10 people participating, the event will be cancelled.

We are really looking forward to greeting, meeting and connecting with you during this wonderful and enriching weekend in the south of Portugal.

Kjell & Madelief


What others said other their experiences with Pantra

“After joining the Intimacy Intensive I had some strong rearranging of what I experienced as intimacy. It opened my eyes in an unexpected way. Madelief and Kjell both value safety, honesty and boundaries in their workshop and take a lot of care in setting and holding a safe and loving space. I experienced the weekend as a perfect combination of softness and connection, of slowing down and feeling, of radical honesty and setting boundaries yet all with a playfulness and lightness throughout the exercises. An inspiring and honest couple who dare to show themselves as they are while facilitating!” Liza, 2019

“Just finished the Tantra Intimacy intensive this weekend and I am so grateful for it. Madelief and Kjell have obviously done the work themselves, not afraid of showing their own vulnerable side, which is how they are able to create a beautifully safe space for everyone. It was my first experience with Tantra and it scared me in the beginning, but there is room for everyone’s process and every feeling, with so much respect and understanding. We were really invited to dive deep into ourselves and the others and share our experience, whatever that was. I felt accepted and safe and will not hesitate to join them on the next journey, I know I will love, live, learn & laugh even more!” Sietske, 2018

“Pantra, you are my favorite <3! What a beautiful couple with such balance in the facilitating and a pure, grounded, loving presence. Magical creation of sacred safe space for deeper discovery and intimacy. This is alchemy! What a profound and gorgeous inspiration – to make love to whatever you do by granting it your full presence, awareness, attention. Blessings on your path – may you touch many more hearts and souls as you did mine!” Natasha, 2018

“Breath in and travel, breath out and feel it all. From lovely bliss till raw sadness, inviting your true self feels safe with the wonderful people of Pantra. It’s a journey of life you don’t want to miss <3 Love you!” Malou, 2017


2019, March 30 @ 9:45 am
2019, March 31 @ 6:00 pm
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Monte Rosa – Alojamento Rural

Lagoa da Rosa cx. 9Y,
Barão de São João, Algarves 8600-016 Portugal
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