Travel Gifts

Travel gifts…

This journey
Is the journey
Back home
To the source.

Coming to life

A rite of passage
From warrior
To (human)being
In connection
More fiercely and openly loving than ever
Sailin’ my relation- SHIP
Knowing I can not change any wind or wave
Or any E- motion
Energy in Motion
But trusting my skills
My eyes. My heart. My knowing.
Remembering who I am.
Being in my relation-SHIP, with myself
My beloved
And all who I love, hate or try to reject
Sailin’ together anyway

Disconnection also is connection
On and in this deep deep ocean
Of all
We don’t know yet
Ever spiraling
Coming across the same cliffs
Same. Different.
The perspective and the sun change the appearance of them, any moment. Same. But different.
Thank you
For sailing with me.
For the small or the big parts.
On the calm rivers or the ever moving oceans.
I am happy you are here
Showing me your real face
Showing me my real face
It does not matter, big or small
Long or short
We are here now
And in the end, How often were the small things the big things?
Thank you, my ship
For holding me
Even in all the moments I did not trust you
I did not listen
At all
Wanting to change the winds
So I could go with the other ships
But not sailing mine
objavljen ovdje

The rope in my hands
Feels so good again
Not trying to control, or hold on to it
But holding
Enjoying the art of living
The art or dying
The art of birthing
And all that lays in between
Opening my wings
They no longer need to be a shield
That is wrapped around me
They can be, though
When I like it.
Today I am receiving
Like a brave ass rich lady on her renovated fancy ship.

Madelief de Graaf, April 4th, 2019

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