The End of an Era


The End of an Era….

It feels like it’s the end of an era. The era of manifesting.
It is time to let go of “manifesting” as we knew it.
Sinking into a deeper trust and surrender. Creating, but from a different place, on a different layer.
Patiently waiting for the right signs to appear on our paths.
Pausing before moving.
More like weaving a web; together with life itself. It is not one straight line anymore, a goal(in the future) we can walk to, manifesting our intentions clearly.
It is becoming a whole circle, a web, created from all four (or even more) directions. North, east, south, west…above and below.
Layer for layer, it can feel pretty chaotic(if we keep on looking for that one straight line, where did it go objavljen ovdje? Did we lost our way?).
But, it is so structured if we dare to look…to see deeper.
It is tight, strong yet flexible, sticky, structured and centered.
And most of all; round and whole.

Everything is coming together…it takes time.
More time then painting one straight line.
But when the web is “complete” we reached our “goal” but in a totally different way then we could “think of” before. It has more depth, more height, and way more faces to it.
It wears all our faces.
Let us be surprised by the beauty of it.
Of us <3 of you <3 of me <3

Go…! get lost in the dark, in the every spiraling web weaving.
We are where we need to be. Right now.
And we will reach the place, where we are needed most
Celebrated most.
As the human-being that we are.

Madelief de Graaf, October 10th, 2019

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