An overview of the workshops Pantra has developed over the past two years, to provide safe spaces for opening up in Intimacy, Relation-Ship(s), Cycles of Life and universal growth

The Art of Making Love


The focus of this workshop is BEING PRESENT. When we are able to be present with attention, deep within our own core, in the now, we are able to experience love making in everything we do. Making Love is often known and referred to as a sexual activity, but this workshop invites you to experiencing love making in connection with yourself, (distant) connection with another, to a simple activity as walking, seeing, or random daily activities. Even doing the dishes could be an experience of Making Love.

During this workshop, you will invite, activate and work with sensual energy. When we learn how to let life and sensual energy flow freely from within our core (2nd chakra), we open up the possibilities to experiencing a boost in creativity, having more focus and power to tie loose ends of projects, communicating deeper in an authentic way and opening up even deeper to our own desires, our own passions and experiences in physical and emotional contact with ourselves or another. To experience and enjoy life fully in all its aspects.

Next Workshop:
21st of November, Wajid Osho Center

Tantric Soul Circle

Tantric Soul Circle

The focus of our Tantric Soul Circle is connection and intimacy (feeling close to ‘something’) in openness through sharing our truth. We will invoke ancient and modern rituals and Tantric and Radical Honesty practices to (re)connect to our deeper self. When connecting to the deeper layers of our being and by sharing this in a closed and safe circle, we are opening to healing within ourselves and might experience a feeling of coming home. Home to our self and all the other souls in the circle, holding a sacred space for each other, for US, together.

We wish to invite all, women, men and those who define as both, in between or beyond, to this Tantric Soul Circle, in which we will share from and listen with our hearts, openly and authentically. Everything that is at your heart in the moment, has it´s space to be shared and to be received within this circle.

You are very much welcome to this circle as you are, right now ♥.

Next Workshop:
28th of November, Wajid Osho Center

Radical Honesty

Radical Honesty

This workshop is about radical honesty as a tool to be really intimately connected. First with yourself, then with your environment and in relation to the other.

We explore, feel, and above all express our desires and limits. Raw and honest, exactly as it is present. We look beyond what is right or wrong, ugly or beautiful, but at the essential truth behind all our judgments. Opinions that we (often unconsciously) form about ourselves, others and situations. We learn to physically feel where and how a real “Yes” and a real “No” in your body presents itself. We invite you to explore and share your open, naked, raw and real “YOU”. In whatever form and whatever that means in the moment.

In this workshop we work with Tantric exercises, expression, meditation, bodywork, sensuality and intimacy.

Next Workshop:

Playful Intimacy

Playful Intimacy

This workshop is about playful expression as a tool, to experiencing Intimacy in the cycles that are present in relationships; especially “life” and “death”. Opening up to experiencing intimacy is not always easy in every moment. When we are in a vibrant, lush phase in relation to ourselves and the relationship with the other (s), the feeling of intimacy almost naturally comes about. But when death and confrontation are knocking on our mind’s walls, experiencing intimacy is often a major challenge.

We invite you to experience Intimacy as a playful dance that we can dance in every cycle of life, if we are willing to do so. We move from the place where we are with ourselves in the moment, whatever that may look like in that moment.

To open ourselves to the continuous dance with Intimacy, we will use meditation, various playful forms of expression (dance, play, Tantric exercises, conscious relationship, sound), mirror work and radical honesty.

Next Workshop:
In the form of “The Art of Making Love” at Natural High Festival, 5th of October 2019, Ruigoord Amsterdam


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