oh and turning once more…

I feel quite dizzy to be honest. Dizzy of this ever turning year. A lot of the times it is that nice, butterfly- stomach-adventure-dizzy and sometimes deeply de-orientating-lost-dizzy feeling. Both of them are quite present.

This is the year that is teaching me how to surrender in the dance, with life as my dance partner, death as my dance partner, showing me all corners of the room. I danced a lot on my own, dances of freedom and sensuality, but this feels different. Sometimes I try to take the lead… but that is clearly not what I am supposed to do this time.
We turn and we turn and we turn, as soon as I try to keep track the dizziness starts.




So, I am quite aware of the themes I am writing about, sharing about, dancing in, voicing through and I embody with my whole very vulnerable human being.

They include birth, death, grief, sickness, disappointment, mourning, grief and pain.

They include the dirt of being human. My dirt.
I don’t know about yours. But I believe although we have such different stories, the layers behind them are pretty much the same.


The End of an Era

It feels like it’s the end of an era. The era of manifesting.
It is time to let go of “manifesting” as we knew it.
Sinking into a deeper trust and surrender. Creating, but from a different place, on a different layer.
Patiently waiting for the right signs to appear on our paths.
Pausing before moving.
More like weaving a web; together with life itself. It is not one straight line anymore, a goal(in the future) we can walk to, manifesting our intentions clearly.

Travel Gifts

A rite of passage
From warrior
To (human)being
In connection
More fiercely and openly loving than ever
Sailin’ my relation- SHIP
Knowing I can not change any wind or wave
Or any E- motion
Energy in Motion
But trusting my skills
My eyes. My heart. My knowing.
Remembering who I am.
Being in my relation-SHIP, with myself
My beloved
And all who I love, hate or try to reject
Sailin’ together anyway

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