A co-creation platform founded in The Hague (The Netherlands) in 2016, by Kjell Doggen & Madelief de Graaf, to support spiritual growth, to share Tantric/Connective workshops, retreats, musical explorations and gender work experiences in the form of men, women & soul gatherings, all kinds of (open) love meetings and Homemade Organic Herbalist products.

Pantra’s intention is to, together with you as part of the community, create a safe space for individual and universal growth and transformation.

The name Pantra is a contraction of the words Panthera, Tantra & Pan. Kjell and Madelief feel guided in their own growth by the (power/totem animal) Panther in gaining more trust and working with their intuition. They both feel a close relationship to “death” and the cycles of “life” and honor every phase of those cycles. Tantra has always been a great aspect of their lives. The multiple teachings of connecting with entities around them and most important the true connection within oneself, have been a natural way of living for them and they feel open to share this with each and all they encounter. Pan (Greek) refers to a whole. Kjell and Madelief believe in the wholeness of everything that is connected to life. When they speak about growing and transforming, it comes down to remembering “who” and “how” we are.

Pantra’s Team

Kjell Doggen is my given name and I was born in 1988 and raised in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands). After having moved to cities and places like The Hague, Leiden, Graz (Austria) and Barão de São João (Portugal), I am now living a nomadic lifestyle, moving back and forth between Portugal and the Netherlands and currently staying in The Hague, where I initiated Pantra in early 2016, together with my then and now still, life and love partner Madelief. Throughout the last twelve years, I have participated in varying and multiple studies like European Studies (Culture, Law, Politics and Languages), Sociology, Outdoor Climbing Instructor, REIKI, NLP and Herbal Medicine.

From a young age on, I felt aware of energy exchange between bodies, mind, soul, surroundings and other entities. By learning and using Meditation, Yoga, Breathing and Emotional Release (expression) techniques, experimenting with Herbal and Plant Medicine and by actively pursuing an explorative lifestyle, taking part in committees, communities (with different structures and orientations), sport clubs, simultaneous relations, solo traveling and solitude, I have obtained a very open and broad perspective on life, love, connection, intimacy, “success” , time, space and universes. With this bag full of experiences combined with my “see through”, open personality I feel I am an authentic, open, direct but clear mirror in the process of growth. I invite you and me to be with what is, whatever this is. To unfold our light, our darkness, our beautiful and our ugliness. Our open, honest, authentic and full self.

Madelief de Graaf is my given name and I was born in 1994 and raised in Nijmegen (the Netherlands). After having moved to cities and places like Haarlem and The Hague where I initiated Pantra together with my, then and now still, life and love partner Kjell in early 2016, I am now focusing on living closer to and with nature. I studied Creative Art Therapy and gained years of experience with women work. My way of teaching and sharing appears to be soft, yet direct and above all, I feel I am a sensitive space holder. I create (sacred) space for you, to fully be yourself in, with what lives inside you and invite everything that wants to be shared, expressed or is occurring.

I am also an illustrating artist (Liefwerk) and the creator of Pantra’s logo. I really enjoy to create images intuitively and teaching others about expression through color and supporting them in finding that creative space in their selves again. I have been and still am facilitating women circles (for everyone who defines them self as woman), Pantra’s Tantric women circles and also offer women’s womb support sessions in which I work with soft and conscious touch, massage and visualizations. I believe we are all a “student” and a “teacher” at the same time, and every experience of growth happens when we are open to be both, at the same time.

What do we offer?

Over the past two and a half years, we have developed a set of workshop, sharing circle and ceremony concepts, along with some private therapies and other activities. Both inspired and creative as we are, we keep on creating new concepts to give birth to and to share with you in the future.

For upcoming and future events, please check our event page and feel invited to visit our gallery, to get a few glimpses of the work we do!

Our offerings of activities:

  • Reconnect to (Self) Love Workshop (by Kjell Madelief)
  • The Art of Making Love Workshop (by Kjell & Madelief)
  • Radical Honesty Workshop (by Kjell & Madelief)
  • Conscious Touch Workshop (by Kjell & Madelief)
  • Tantric Intimacy Intensive (by Kjell & Madelief)
  • Intimacy Talks (by Kjell & Madelief)
  • Soul Circle (by Kjell & Madelief)
  • Women Circle (by Madelief)
  • Tantric Women Circle (by Madelief)
  • Reiki Healing Sessions (by Kjell)
  • Womb Meditation Sessions (by Madelief)
  • Ecstatic Dance Ceremonies (Opening & Closing by Kjell & Madelief)
  • Ecstatic Dance DJ (by Kjell)
  • All kinds of (open) Love Meetings (by Kjell)
  • Homemade Organic Herbalist products (Tinctures, Massage Oils, Balms by Kjell & Madelief)

Do you wish to inquire about any of our workshops, ceremonies, therapies, activities, our Homemade Organic Products or possibilities for Co-Creation? Please, feel warmly welcomed do that here. We are really looking forward to hear from you and would love to get in touch!

Currently, we are running a GoFundMe donation project, so to be able to set up resources with which we are able to share our work with Pantra, worldwide. If you like to support our work, you could help us by sharing Pantra and our donation project with your friends, family and colleagues or by leaving any heartfelt donation below. We are very much grateful to you for your participation in this, in whichever way that may be <3 rankhaya.com/.

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